Believers, Apostles, Prophets, and Leaders from around the world, this is your exclusive invitation to join Apostle Doris Riley and Elder Joseph Riley for the Apostolic & Prophetic Emerging Conference 2019! This year will be like none other! For those who the Lord has called to Bear the Fresh Oil of the Holy Ghost; this conference is a must!! Join other Apostolic & Prophetic leaders in an atmosphere charged to release you into the 2nd half of 2019 with fire & passion!




The Apostolic & Prophetic Emerging Conference is where apostolic and prophetic believers join together to release a surge of power in the Earth! This year's theme is "Igniting Bearers of the Oil" As an APEC attendee, you will glean and receive nuggets from a group of national and international leaders.

The conference is FREE from June 27 through June 30, 2019, in Memphis, TN, with Apostle Doris Riley, founder of Shekinah Global Ministries and the visionary behind the APEC. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, this conference is sure to ignite and rekindle your passion. 




The APEC Conference is FREE. No registration is required. There is a fee for the Apostolic Roundtable session, but all other sessions are FREE.





The Apostolic Roundtable "Apostolic Women - Arising of the Women Who Build". A Special registration fee of $50 is required for the Roundtable Panel Discussion with key Apostolic and Prophetic seasoned Kingdom Influencers addressing strategies for Apostolic Women on the Frontline. Lunch is included in this session. General registration all other conference sessions not required. Click to register for the Apostolic Roundtable: 




APEC 2019 will be held at SGM:

Shekinah Global Ministries 

3680 Castleman Street

Memphis, TN 38118




7PM 10AM, 1PM, 7PM 9AM, 12PM - until 530PM




Apostle/Dr. Doris Riley is an anointed vessel of the Lord, chosen to release His glory and demonstrate His power in the earth! She is a Prophetic Voice to the nations and sent by God with an Apostolic mandate to Equip, Activate and Release the Body of Christ into kingdom destiny! God has gifted her and husband Elder Joseph Riley with a multigenerational anointing to reach the nations. Her greatest passion is to see the people of God shift from level to level progressively mastering new levels of spiritual maturity that ultimately lead to their life's divine purpose.

Apostle Lynetta Dent is a revolutionary 21st century apostolic and prophetic voice that serves as a developer, strategist, and spiritual economist. She is a requested keynote speaker and a thought-provoking educator that specializes in solving what she calls "Crimes of the Spirit". Dr. Dent exposes satanic, behind the scenes operations, and delivers upgraded spiritual technology that impedes further violation in ministry, marriage, business, and finance.



Apostle Ken Toney is the leader and founder of Ken Toney ministries. This ministry exists to expand the Kingdom of God by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This man of God is used of the Lord in the apostolic and prophetic. He also established Mandate Leadership School which provides training opportunities for emerging and established leaders. The DPIC Ministry Network provides a place of Covering and Connection for ministries and churches.

Apostle Manuel Donis is the Senior Pastor and Leader of Rivers of Life International Ministries. Located in Grand Junction, TN, this ministry has elevated to be full of fire and power of God impacting the community. He is the the Assistant Presiding Bishop of the March of Faith International Fellowship and strategically leads all churches within the Southern Region of the Fellowship. Manuel Donis comes from a background that allows him to connect with the harvest outside the walls of the church. From the streets of New York to Africa, Apostle Donis has traveled the globe spreading the gospel of Christ through salvation and redemption. 

Apostle/Bishop Wesley J. Arije is Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the March of Faith International Fellowship. Reaching 19 countries on 4 continents worldwide, Bishop Arije oversees more than 150 churches across the nations. He is the Senior Leader of Pavilion of Hope (two locations in Memphis and one in Dyersburg, TN). The hand of God is evident upon his life with supernatural signs and wonders following! He is a world-renowned orator and author who has published three books, "Soaring as Eagles: Unleashing the Christian Eagle Within," "Created to Hear the Voice of God" and "Unleashing the Power of Communion." Bishop Arije is passionate about establishing the kingdom of God across the nations!

Apostle Darla Martini  is a prophet with an apostolic mandate. As a mother, Nana, entrepreneur, and minister Darla has spent years learning to balance herself in family, business, and Kingdom. She has learned to leverage the keys of wisdom in the Word to excel in business, ministry, and life. Darla has spent more than 30 years as a successful entrepreneur spanning many industries and innovations. Darla is also the founder and visionary of The Hub in Central Arkansas. And leads a network of several other ministries and leaders across the United States. She travels the globe teaching, motivating, training and building.




Shekinah Global Ministries has core values that ensure the safety and security of all APEC attendees. Below are a few frequently asked questions related to the conference. CLICK HERE to contact SGM Staff with any direct questions.

What is APEC?

The Apostolic & Prophetic Emerging Conference is a meeting of apostles, prophets and leaders from around the globe.


When is APEC?

APEC begins Thursday, June 27th through Sunday, June 30th. Doors will open for registration and prayer 30 minutes before each session. [See Itinerary for details]


Are children welcome at this conference?

While we do not have child care this year, we highly encourage parents/guardians to keep a close watch on any underage youth or children that may be attending the conference with you.


How much does it cost?

APEC is FREE. No registration is required for general sessions. There is a special session on Saturday which is a $50 registration. All other sessions are FREE[See Apostolic Roundtable for details]


Will there be hotel accommodation?

This year, the entire APEC will be held at our ministry at 3680 Castleman Street in Memphis, TN. We are not providing any affiliate hotel information. Attendees are responsible for their own hotel and shuttle/transportation to and from the conference.















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